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Emails feedbbacks:


Hi Just a quick note to say thankyou for the excellent customer service. I recently made my first purchase through your online store and was very impressed with the great range of products you carry  as well as the ease of placing the order and quick delivery. I look forward to  ordering more from you again in the future.

Thanks again - Andrew ( 22nd Jan 2014)

Message from our Facebook page"

"I don't know how you manage to ship everything so quickly!" - from D Diamond - ACT

Email received on 3rd Sept 2012

"Your customer service is amazing!" - Henry Mack

Email received on 24th July 2012:

"Hello Taylor's Magic, I recently bought a few supplies from your store and I must say that you have great communication and service. Prices, postage and handling are reasonable. My items were delivered the next day as stated on the website. Your store is trustworthy and welcoming.


"This is now my No. 1 magic supplier. Thanks for the great service.- Peter"

 " Hi Sean, you probably don't remember me but about 3 weeks ago i needed a 'flower'  thingy to appear during my stand up set. You helped me out with a black tube with flower in it and a flower thing  that appears when you pull it out of your pocket, they are AWESOME!!! I just wanted to say thanks again for your help that day (you were so much nicer than that other 'punk' magic shop in the city). Anyway thanks again, i used it to thank the person in the crowd i had 'singled out' so it was the perfect way to thank them! Cheers mate!" - G Bright

"Good day,on behalf of the magic fraternity of Brisbane, I would like to thank you for coming to the Newnham Hotel last night, and for your excellent presentation. What you gave us was very much appreciated by everyone present including the sharing of your experience and and anecdotes from your years of being an entertainer. It was a great opportunity to meet your family and to see you demonstrate so many effects in a highly competent manner. You chose a broad range of products to show us and entertained us at the same time." D O'Connor


"Hi Taylors, thank you very much for the service. The tricks arrived the following day..very impressive. Magically yours " - B Latta


"Sean, at the moment I am in America, and after spending numerous time in other magic shops around the country, I thought that I would just thank you for the outstanding customer service that you have at Taylors Magic, Compared to other shops, you have by far the best customer service and make me feel much more welcome.Thanks again " - Ben

 "Hi there, just wanted to say that I have received my order and would like to commend you with the speed and efficiency in which you sent it. Also thank you so much for the Taylor Magic shop bag you sent with it. The little boy I am giving it to will be so very happy. Hope to order again from you some time. Thank you again." -  Linda

"Hi Guys, I recently purchased some sponge props, chinese block puzzle trick, jumping knot rope trick and a coin penetration trick that was out of stock but was delivered as promised when they were back in stock. I am very happy with the quality of these tricks and they have met my expectations. I will continue to purchase from you in the future as I am delighted with all aspects of your company." - Steve B 

"Hi,guys. Cards arrived today and i had to send you an immediate thankyou!!! Words cannot express my gratitude for the free deck which was completely unexpected and unwarrented! I can understand products go in and out of stock and felt that even the extra postage was very generous of you. Magic Dealers like yourself who are actually concerned about their customers are truly too few and far between.Thanks again and all the best" - John S


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