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Magic Lecture News Update



Tuesday 5th May - 8pm - $25
Ashfield RSL Club, 374 Liverpool Rd, Ashfield

In the old Chatswood shop days, we hosted more that 60 lecturers and I'm often asked for the most popular ones. Right up there was Diamond Jim Tyler. In the five years since he last came, Jim has released more than a dozen new items and has been voted as one of the world's top lectures by MAGIC magazine. His Penguin lecture has also been voted by viewers as one of the very best in this classic series. Jim's material is stuff you can do, stuff you can use and there is always so much to choose from. He'll be showcasing many bar bets and bits of business from his Bamboozlers books and the online show Scam School where he is a regular guest star. While best known for his close-up magic and bar bets, DJT will also be teaching some of his stand-up routines used in parlour and stage settings. This lecture literally features something for everyone.
If you live elsewhere in Australia, then here are your dates. Start times and entrance fees will vary so contact your local representative for more details.

Mon 4th May - Brisbane - Dave Lord - dave@davelord.com.au
Tue 5th May - Sydney - Sean Taylor - sean@seantaylor.com.au
Thu 7th May - Melbourne - Graham Etherington - mrtricks@ozemail.com.au
Mon 11th May - Adelaide - Phil Ahrens - phil@wizzbangmagic.com
Tue 12th May - Perth - Steve Silk - stevesilk@upnaway.com

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